2015 ti-99/4A Holiday demo compilation                                                 

photo courtesty of: mainbyte.com


December 2015 marked the second official software release by Oprysoft into the marketplace.  The 2015 TI-99/4A Holiday Demo Compilation was a collaborative effort by several fantastic contributors from Atariage.com.  It was set up as a contest, and the winner was Tursi, with his brilliant Demo entitled "Traditional."  This demo package consists of a numbered cassette tape and a certification card which has the same identification number as the cassette.  This run was limited to 25 individual packages.

This Website is here for the enthusiast of the Texas Instruments family of Home Computers.  The 'Home Computer' predates the 'Personal Computer' or "PC".  Through the late 1970s and early 1980s, Texas Instruments was at the forefront of the Home Computer industry, selling millions of units of the TI-99/4A Home Computer.  While TI is now known for calculators and integrated circuit chips, they once had a very large footprint in the Home Computer market.

Opry99er.com is dedicated to preserving the history of yesterday and encouraging the development of tomorrow.  While the computer has been technically obsolete for decades, the homebrew and enthusiast community is as strong as ever.  Enjoy the site, and feel free to comment in the GuestBook.

This month, Iwantgames is hosting the TI-99/4A high score competition on Atariage and the game of the month is NeverLander by Marc Hull.  Come join us at the Atariage high score competition>>HERE<<

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